Nard Intelligence Collision 2022 day 2 highlightsPosted by on

The 3-day conference brought in many people from all over the world to share their expertise therefore it was very informative and eye-opening.

Here are some of NARD intelligence‘s highlights at Collision 2022 day 2:

✔️ The API economy presented by Julianna Lamb, Co-founder & CTO at Stytch.

✔️ “Hire Globally” – Is the remote revolution coming to an end presented by Alex Bouaziz, Co-founder & CEO at Deel, and Mike Knoop, Co-founder of Zapier.

✔️ AI is my copilot presented by Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub.

✔️ A founder’s guide to building a US$5 billion SaaS company presented by Mike Knoop, Co-founder of Zapier.

✔️ The power of Quantum Computing presented by Christian Weedbrook, Founder & CEO of Xanadu.




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