devops services

DevOps & Automation

The culture of Devops focuses on merging the development and operations roles, and the processes involved throughout the production cycle, to achieve common business goals. Embracing DevOps helps put together a more streamlined, agile and efficient process of software production.
A DevOps culture will help you significantly enhance the quality of your business: innovate faster, accelerate time to market, and increase operational efficiency and deployment quality.
DevOps-as-a-Service is one of Nard Intelligence’s core areas of expertise. We have provided DevOps services to many companies worldwide ranging from startups and small-to-medium companies to large corporate firms.

DevOps Consulting

Our dedicated consulting team will save you the time and hassle of raising an in-house team for your DevOps needs. We will provide you with ready solutions that will help you take your business to a new level of efficiency in terms of IT operations and software development.


CI/CD Services

A key component of agile development, Continuous Integration (CI) is an effective tool that reduces your organization’s exposure to risk. It allows your organization to address issues effectively and early in the development process. Continuous Delivery (CD) sequentially follows Continuous Integration. It makes releasing software secure, reliable, low-risk and instantaneous.

We are a team of seasoned CI/CD experts ready to work with you in determining which CI/CD tools will yield the best results for your organizational needs.

Kubernetes Consulting

Nard Intelligence’s Kubernetes (k8s) consulting services help developers manage cluster-based container systems quickly and efficiently. Our team of certified experts can help you with their in-depth understanding of infrastructure development by applying and referring to associated products and processes. Our Kubernetes services offering includes: K8s cluster auditing, k8s infrastructure design & implementation and Kubernetes Managed Support tailored to your needs. We can deploy our K8s  services on public clouds (AWS, CGP and Azure)  or on-premise platforms VMware, Proxmox, Openshift,…


Ansible Consulting

Ansible is a leading agent-less architecture software platform. Our expert consultants in Ansible services will help you determine if this particular system is the right option for your business. They will help you apply ansible’s automation, Cloud provisioning, app deployment, and configuration management capabilities to your needs.

Puppet Consulting

Puppet is one of the standard-industry configuration management system used for the automation of software delivery and operations. Puppet helps you determine what your apps and infrastructure should look like while allowing you to test it, change it and share progress and feedback easily across your whole stack. Our Puppet Experts will help design and implement your puppet adaptation to automatic software delivery, operation, and security.

bg Consulting

Chef is an automation platform that helps you create and operate dynamic and flexible software infrastructure across multiple datacenters and environments. Our highly skilled consultants can help you design and deploy this automation tool in the way that best fits to your Devops pipeline.